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Here's What other Parents Are Saying About

Camp of Champions USA

The compassion and care the staff give the kids and the huge variety of things to do each week are incredible! I LOVE that they learn scripture and Bible stories too! My daughter has just blown us away with remembering scripture verses and the songs and motions she’s learned. She’s bold in telling others about COCUSA and Jesus!
Above all, the expansion of my daughter’s faith has been astounding. She’s excited to memorize bible verses, on nearly a daily basis she’s digging in her bible and highlighting something that was discussed during the day at Camp, and I no longer have to remind her to take a moment to pray before meals. I believe her family and church gave her a firm foundation for her faith, however it is opportunities like summers with Camp of Champions USA that lights the spark into a flame.


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Program Overview

  • DATES: Camp runs for most of June, July, and August while kids are out of school. You can register for as many or as few weeks as you want or need.
  • TIMES: Our daily program runs from 9:00am-4:00pm. Drop-off starts at 7:30am, and pick-up ends at 5:30pm.
  • AGES: Children currently in Kindergarten through 6th grade are eligible to attend our program.
  • COST: $125/week, with discounts for siblings. Financial assistance is available through two scholarship funds. 
  • LOCATIONS: We have nine locations in Peoria, Illinois and the surrounding communities.

What Parents are Saying

I see my son talking openly about God and what he learns at Camp. He loves to talk about God. It is such an inspiration to see this in my 7 year old.
My son loved Camp this summer and spoke highly of all the counselors. He would light up anytime he ran into a counselor outside of Camp.
There was so much about COCUSA that my daughter loved! Learning how to find verses in her Bible, the friends she made, how silly her counselors were, and how fun they made each and every day. We LOVED the staff: professional, yet fun with the kids every single day, present and responsive to any questions or needs we had. The fact that the people involved with my child were consistent every day of the summer was so important to us!
This year I told a co-worker of mine about Camp. She registered her son and received a partial scholarship from COCUSA to cover the cost. The excitement that her son had when came home was great to see! My friend started to see God change him throughout the summer, and he would come home to tell her what he learned at Camp that day. My friend isn’t a Christian, but now at work she has started to ask questions about my faith. What a great way to show God’s love!

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Registration Questions

  • What ages do you serve?

  • Children currently in kindergarten through 6th grade are eligible to attend Camp of Champions USA. Children must have completed one year of kindergarten in order to attend our summer camp program. Children who have completed 7th and 8th grade are welcome to apply for our Camp Aide program.
  • What is the cost?

  • The cost is $125 per child, per week, with a $15 discount for siblings. There is an additional one-time $15 per child registration fee when you enroll.
  • Do you offer part-time care? Do I need to sign up for the whole week?

  • While we do offer a limited amount of part-time care, priority is given to full-time campers. The part-time rate is $90/child for three days or less and is limited to 5 children per location per week.
  • When are payments due?

  • When you register online you can choose from a few different payment plans. If you prefer to pay at Camp, payments are due on the Monday of each week your child attends. Look for the payment drop box at the camper sign-in table.
  • Can I make changes to my camp weeks after I register?

  • Yes! Requests for refunds or changes to an existing registration should be made in writing. Changes will be granted only if space is available. Please let us know if your plans change. We do have a $25 cancellation fee if your child doesn't come for a week they are registered.
  • How many weeks can I register for?

  • There is no maximum or minimum requirement for the summer. You can register for as many weeks of camp that are available at the time we receive your registration form. If our programs are full for any weeks you desired, we can place your child on a waiting list and talk through some of our other locations to see if they would be an option for your family.
  • Do you offer any financial assistance? Who can qualify?

  • We do have a financial assistance program, and anyone is welcome to apply. More details on our scholarship funds can be found on our Financial Assistance page.
  • What is your Federal Employer Identification Number? (FEIN #)

  • 36-4182499. Please contact us if you need a receipt for a flexible spending account, tax return, or other reason.
  • How long does your program run?

  • Our summer day camp program runs the majority of time that kids are out of school.

Programming Questions

  • What does a typical day look like at Camp?

  • We offer a wide variety of activities during our camp day. Basketball, swimming, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, and dodgeball will keep any camper busy. Arts and crafts, skill groups, and field trips are also included at no additional cost. A normal day might look something like this:
    Before 9:00- Organized Free Time
    9:00- Team Time
    9:45- Assembly
    10:30- Skill Groups
    11:15- Field Game
    11:45- Lunch
    12:30- Board & Card Games
    1:00- Knockout
    1:30- Craft
    2:00- Free Time
    3:00- Team Time
    3:30- Closing Assembly
  • What are your daily hours?

  • Our normal program hours are 9:00am-4:00pm each weekday during the summer. You can drop your child off as early as 7:30am and pick them up as late as 5:30pm.
  • Who will be with my child while at Camp?

  • Campers are divided into groups of 10-15 children by their age and gender. Each group is led by a Counselor assisted by a Junior Counselor for the entire week of camp. We ensure our staff have the maturity, program skills, and abilities to make COCUSA a fun and safe experience for your child. Most Counselors are college students, while Junior Counselors are in high school.
  • What is the staff to camper ratio?

  • Our staff to camper ratio is generally 1 staff member for every 6 campers.
  • How do you keep kids safe?

  • We provide for child safety in two main ways. First, all of our staff applicants are vetted with a process that includes an application, interview, at least two references, and a background check. Second, we set up various systems and procedures to protect children while at Camp. Rules like "Groups of 3" and "Staff Supervision" aren't just mere guidelines, they are how we operate. If you'd like a further explanation of our safety system or rules, feel free to contact us!
  • What do you do for field trips?

  • Each week we take one off-site field trip to a local attraction. Field trips might included: Wildlife Prairie Park, Planet X Roller World, Dragonland, Splashdown, bowling, mini-golf, and more! Whatever the field trip, campers stay with their group (see above) and are under the supervision of their staff members. We partner with local school bus companies for transportation to and from field trips.
  • What swimming pools do you go to?

  • Depending on your Camp location, your child might visit Lakeview Family Aquatic Center, Splashdown Water Park, DragonLand Water Park, the Morton Public Pool, Metamora Pool, and Roanoke Pool. Our Pekin facility is equipped with its own swimming pool. On your child's first day, you'll fill out our swim form to let us know exactly where your child can swim at each pool we visit.
  • What are your safety procedures at the pool?

  • We always have a Site Director stationed at the exit of each water park we go to. Our staff are trained to spread throughout the water park to supervise their campers, including stationing a staff member at our "home base," where campers leave their towels and other personal items. Counselors are responsible to visually site each camper in their group every 45 minutes, and then report their counts to a Site Director.
  • It's my first time to Camp of Champions USA. What do I do when I get there?

  • When you arrive, look for the Site Directors who will be near the sign-in table during drop off and pick up times. On your camper's first day, we ask you to fill out a Health and Safety form and a Swim Form if you have not done so already. Your child will be introduced to his or her Counselor who can give you a quick tour of the facility if you would like. You are welcome to stay with your child until you both feel comfortable.
  • Does Camp of Champions USA provide breakfast, lunch, or any snacks?

  • We ask that you send a sack lunch with your child Monday-Thursday. On Fridays, we offer a cookout and offer lunch to all our campers and staff. Friday cookouts typically consist of hot dogs, chips, a fruit or vegetable, lemonade, and a dessert. We provide snacks a few days each week, but generally limit eating to lunch time and before and after camp. We currently do not provide breakfast, so please feed your child breakfast before dropping them off. If needed, campers are allowed to bring a snack with them.
  • Do you offer anything for Junior High age students?

  • Our Camp Aide program is designed to help 7th and 8th grade students become better servant-leaders by equipping them with the skills they need to become a sucessful COCUSA staff member in the coming years. Camp Aides are required to attend Camp Aide Training at the beginning of the summer, and then will serve on a week-to-week basis for the rest of summer camp. Check out our Camp Aide page. for more information.
  • Do you offer any other programs besides summer camp?

  • We offer various programs throughout the school year: Full days of camp on Columbus Day and Veteran's Day, as well as Winter Camp over Christmas break. Check out our Calendar for more information.