Use the map below to find a convenient location for your family, and read more about each of our summer camp locations as you scroll down the page.

Summer Camp Locations

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We want to help you stay connected to families in your community during the dog-days of summer. Our summer day camp program is a perfect way for your church to both reach new families and develop disciples in your current church family. We partner with like-minded churches in strategic areas to host our day camps for a single week or all summer long. If you think your church would benefit from a partnership with COCUSA by hosting a Summer Day Camp at your facility, click here to request more information.

Peoria Camps


Fellowship Bible Church

Fellowship Bible Church hosts our newest summer camp location. This camp sees about 30 campers each week led by 8-10 staff members between 4-6 groups. 


Grace Presbyterian Church

The Grace Presbyterian Church location sees 20-25 campers in 3 different groups led by 6-8 staff members.


Woodland Baptist Church

Woodland Baptist Church hosts our longest running Camp location in Peoria. The "WB" usually has around 60-65 campers each week between about 8 groups, who are led by 12-14 staff members. 


Tazewell Camps


East Peoria

Our East Peoria Camp is hosted by Oak Grove Bible Church. This camp location typically sees 35-50 campers each week, which are split between 7-8 groups groups led by 10-12 staff members.



Morton Camp has a new location for 2019: Grace Church. This camp usually serves 40-55 campers per week between its 6-8 groups led by 10-12 staff members.



Pekin Camp was our very first camp location, and our only facility completely owned and operated by COCUSA. This camp is one of our largest, serving between 75-85 campers each week, divided into 11-15 groups, and led by 14-16 staff. 


Woodford Camps



Liberty Bible Church is home to our Eureka Camp. This camp serves between 30-45 campers each week. These campers are led by 8-10 staff members and distributed between 5-7 groups.


Germantown Hills

Great Oaks Community Church is home to our Germantown Hills Camp. This camp serves between 30-45 campers each week. These campers are divided between 5-7 groups and led by 10-12 staff members.