We know that as a parent, the chaos of real life can often distract you from giving your kids your best - especially when school's out for the summer. We offer a summer day camp for kids that’s safe, fun, and Jesus-centered and gives you the confidence to make your summer count.


These cOCUSA parents made their summer count!

It was always a joy to pull up in the morning and see how warmly my son was greeted when he got out of the car. I felt it was very welcoming and made me feel he was lovingly accepted.
— 3rd Year Camp Family @ Woodland Baptist Camp
We just feel like the counselors are SO awesome to our kids. We see many of them out around the community and they’re quick to say hello to my son and daughter EVERY time!! The continued activity, engagement, fellowship, guidance, spiritual influence, love and care, and so much more keep them happy and fulfilled all summer. I can’t imagine a parent letting their child sit home all summer bored playing video games when this camp is an option!!!
— 5th Year Camp Family @ Pekin Camp
My daughter was sitting on her swing one day and I asked her what she was doing. She said, “Come here I’ll tell you!” We sat on the swing set and she told me the Bible verses that she had learned!! I am so proud of her and I love that she’s learning about Jesus!!
— 1st Year Camp Family @ East Peoria Camp
My daughter was shy on her first day, but every day after she was excited to get there! She loves going to summer camp and makes sure she is well prepared the night before. Thanks for surrounding her with love and added knowledge to get her through daily challenges of life.
— 1st Year Camp Family @ Woodland Baptist Camp

What Does a summer at camp look like?


We love to partner with parents like you to help you cut through the chaos of life and make your summer count. That's why we're so focused on giving your child an experience that helps them to thrive by keeping them safe, engaging them through fun activities, and helping them grow in their faith and character through our process of Gospel-centered discipleship. Here's what you can expect if your child joins us this summer:

  • Support of our year-round leadership team to guide you through registration and address your questions before, during, and after summer camp.

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  • Summer staff members (students in high school and college) who want to give your child a memorable summer of growth and fun.
  • Balance of high and low energy activities to keep each day exciting.
  • Weekly field trips to local water parks, pools, and activities in the community.
  • Spiritual growth with Bible teaching, focused discussions about Bible stories, and time in prayer throughout the day.
  • Reinforcement of godly character with weekly Character Awards given to each child.
  • Prioritizing safety by following our Top 5 Rules.
    • Groups of 3 - Always stay with at least 2 other people. Never be alone with another person.
    • Follow the Leader - Campers should stay with and obey Staff at all times. Staff should always know where their campers are and stay actively engaged with them.
    • Good Touch || Bad Touch - Good touch = things like high-fives and short side hugs. Bad Touch = things like hitting, sitting on laps, and back rubs.
    • Good Words || Bad Words - Good words = respectful, kind, build each other up. Bad Words = disrespectful, cursing, threats, tear each other down.
    • Treat It Right - Respect all property and equipment at Camp. Stay within the boundaries.


  • Dates: Camp runs for most of June, July, and August while kids are out of school. You can register for as many or as few weeks as you want or need.
  • Times: Our daily program runs from 9:00am-4:00pm. Drop-off starts at 7:30am, and pick-up ends at 5:30pm.
  • Ages: Children currently in Kindergarten through 6th grade are eligible to attend our program.
  • Cost: $135/week per child. We offer discounts for families enrolling multiple siblings. Families may also fill out an additional application for financial assistance, which is available through two scholarship funds.
  • Locations: We partner with churches to host our camps. We have many locations throughout Central Illinois. Find a location near you.

How will your kids spend summer break?


Could summer pass you by without much to show for it? Will your child continue to grow, mature, and thrive without the routine of the school year? Will your house still be left standing after 3 months filled with restless kids?

Don't regret a wasted summer. Make Your Summer Count!

Become the parent who cuts through the chaos, focuses on what's most important, and creates the future you dreamed of for your family. We can help you get there this summer.



We know finding summer childcare can be a lot of work and we know there’s a lot of questions you want answered before you commit to anything. We want to answer any questions you may have, so please contact us & we’d be happy to help!

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