No Child Should Miss Out on Summer Camp

     We believe that no child should miss out on the chance to experience summer camp. Our scholarship programs make it possible for families of all situations to enjoy Camp. Financial assistance is available through our two funds: the Roland Juchems Scholarship and the Becky Joos Winter Scholarship for Sisters.


Apply for Financial Assistance

     If you need financial assistance for your child, you'll first need to complete Camper Registration for your child. Then, simply complete an application for financial assistance. You can complete this application online by using the promo code "helpinghand" when selecting your camp weeks (If you would prefer to print and fill out the application by hand, use the red button below).

    Please provide all of the information requested on the application - incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Only members of our Scholarship Committee will see your application, so your confidentiality is ensured. Financial assistance is available for all children regardless of race, religion, or national origin.