Web Catch of the Week: Back to School

As Camp winds down, the first day of school inches closer and closer. There's a lot of preparation that goes into getting your kids out the door on that very first day. This week's Web Catch of the Week features two blog posts about getting back into the rhythms of the school year. 

Kelle Hampton writes about "The Art of August Nesting" from her blog, Enjoy the Small Things. This blog post offers some helpful advice about gearing up for the school year from the perspective of a mom of small children. I especially enjoyed her advice about getting off on the right foot with your kids' new teachers. Read more about Kelle's insightful perspective here.

Frederick J. Goodall writes about the battle of back-to-school shopping with his 7 & 11 year old boys in his post "An Easier Way to Shop for Back to School Clothing" from his blog, Mocha Dad. Frederick explains how pre-shopping online before heading out to the store saved his family time and headaches. Check out his creative solution for back to school shopping here.

Feel free to leave your own advice about getting back into the school year routine in the comments. We'll be praying for all you campers and parents as you return to school!