Web Catch of the Week: Addicted to your Smartphone

Addicted to Your Smartphone

If you are one of the 64% of Americans that own a smartphone, you are intimately familiar with the addictive feeling of always staying connected. Whether it's responding to a text, checking your email, updating your status, or posting a picture, there's always "just one more thing" to check. With smartphone usage so widespread, their addictive tendencies can be subtle (not to mention culturally acceptable). This week's Web Catch of the Week features two resources on battling smartphone addiction from Desiring God

Christina Fox writes about her experiences of being distracted by her smartphone to the neglect of her kids. She offers some solid advice for fighting against the distracting habits of her phone, as well as some helpful passages of Scripture to memorize and apply. Check out her post, "When Distractions Keep Us From Our Kids." 

Trip Lee is a musician, author, husband, and a father. He was a special guest on an episode of the Ask Pastor John podcast where he talks about his personal battle to put down his phone and spend time with his family. I really enjoyed the connection that he makes between reading tweets and reading the Bible. Listen to this short audio recording from Trip Lee, "Avoiding Smartphone iDolatry."