The Soundtrack for Teaching Your Kids About the Bible

     In the car, at work, at school, eating out, waiting in line, in the elevator, at the gym - music is everywhere. Music motivates us to focus, distracts us when we're bored, gives us words to express our deepest feelings, and transforms a get-together into a party. When you think back to your teenage years, your favorite song or artist underscores most of your best memories. Music has a profound impact on shaping our experiences. As parents, we can use the power of music to inject God's truth into the hearts and minds of our children.


We can use music as a way to teach our kids more about the Bible, and enjoy growing in their relationship with God.


     We echo God's creativity when we make songs and melodies. How much more when we sing God's own words back to him! Even if you aren’t a gifted musician, everyone can enjoy song and dance to a good beat (well, some of us just "dance"). Here's a few bands that make music specifically to help your family memorize Scripture. Even though they're songs for kids, they won't drive you crazy!

     The Rizers (short for Memorizers) "instill in kids a love for Jesus Christ and his word through Scripture memory, praise and worship." Here's a music video for their song Proverbs 3:5-6 (Trust in the Lord).

 You can follow the Rizers on Facebook or listen to their music on Spotify

     We highlighted Seeds Family Worship a while back as a great resource for learning Scripture together as a family (read our post about Seeds Family Worship here). They have hundreds of songs that are word-for-word memory verses available to stream or purchase, as well as videos and other resources to make your experience even more fun.

     Another band that you and your kids are sure to like is Bear Hug Band. While their lyrics aren't word-for-word from the Bible like The Rizers or Seeds Family Worship, their songs still hold biblical wisdom and truth. Check out their video for Big Big Love below, and stream all their music on Spotify.


     God's gift of music is powerful. Let's use this gift for his glory as we teach our children more about his Word.