Summer Camp 2016 Wrap-Up - Stories of God's Kingdom Come

“Wait, what? It’s over?”

     This quote from a Site Director at our Peoria Bethany Baptist location sums up our feelings on this final Monday of Camp. We've already said our goodbyes to those who started school this week, and I'm sure we'll have an emotional send off on Friday as our last three sites close the books on summer camp 2016. As a summer full of discipleship, fun, games, and laughter comes to an end, I'm excited to see how God continues to minister to and through our campers and staff into the school year. Here's are a couple stories that remind us that God is still on the move.


A Prayer Request You Don't Hear Very Often

     Just last week, a Counselor at the Christian Center was asking for prayer requests during his team’s morning devotional time. Most kids ask for prayers to have a good day, to hold off the rain so we can play outside, or that no one at Camp will get hurt. As this team went around the room, one camper raised his hand and said, “My prayer request is that someone will explain to me how to ask Jesus into my heart.” Initially taken by surprise at this request, his Counselor took him aside, explained the Gospel, and led him to Jesus!

Make Disciples Who Multiply

     We talk a lot at Camp about making disciples who make more disciples. A Counselor at Pekin Camp put this into practice by teaching his campers how to share the Gospel with others. Two boys in his group sat down together, and one began to share the Good News with the other. Although the boy listening had heard this message many times before, he decided that today was the day he wanted to put his faith in Jesus. One camper led another to Jesus - disciples making more disciples. 


     God undoubtedly used COCUSA this summer to help staff and campers become more fully developed followers of Jesus. Through our theme of “Kingdom Come", we’ve all been challenged to share the story of Jesus with others and to help make disciples who make disciples. As we a new school year, here are a few ways you can pray:

  • Pray that God will continue the good work he started in our campers hearts. Pray that campers and their families would connect to communities of believers who can help them continue to grow in their faith and share it with others.
  • Pray for our summer staff members as they transition back into school. Pray that the growth they experienced this summer would motivate them to pursue Christ in their schoolwork, relationships, and activites.
  • Pray for the Full-Time Staff at COCUSA as we debrief the summer and help make Camp even better at what's most important: Gospel-centered discipleship, safe & quality childcare, and fun for campers and staff!

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