4 Books Series to Read Aloud With Your Kids

     Reading good books out loud can bring a family together. Good books can give you great conversation starters. They can help promote the values and character you want to instill in your kids. Books let you dive into epic stories and explore tough topics where a movie would be too intense for kids. And if the books are exceptionally good, they give kids the chance to stay up past their bedtime!

    We love reading at our house. Our bedtime routine culminates with reading books out loud as a family. Here are four series that we've read recently that I would recommend as great read-a-louds to any kids:


The Chronicles of Narnia

by CS Lewis

     This is a longstanding classic story set and for good reason. Lewis has a knack for presenting his stories with wit and humor. He presents biblical themes and truth in a fun, engaging, and creative way.


The Little House Books

by Laura Ingalls Wilder

     This is a non-fiction series where the author shares stories of her childhood. Some of the things she lived through and experienced are amazing. They help my family appreciate what America was like 150 years ago. Every time I read Little House on the Prairie (the second book in the series), I am amazed by the things that happened to Laura and her family.


The Mysterious Benedict Society

by Trenton Lee Stewart

     This is one part mystery and one part puzzle/brain teaser. While it's not a series from a Christian author, it still promotes a ton of great qualities.  It's helped my family learn that you should do good when it's in your power to do so. These are definitely books that you can’t stop reading once you start.  


The Wingfeather Saga

by Andrew Peterson  

     This series started almost comical, but continues to get better and better. Instead of direct correlations to biblical themes (like The Chronicles of Narnia), there are general ideas of Good and Evil, helping others, and watching out for your family. Start with Book One - On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.


     Reading with your family is a great way to building lasting memories and learn valuable lessons along the way. Head to the library, grab a few good books, and enjoy a family evening by diving into a story together!