Rainy Day Activities

     You have the perfect Saturday planned with your kids - a trip to the park, sandwiches on a picnic blanket, and time enjoying the beautiful spring weather. But you forgot one thing: spring doesn't come without rain.

     Nothing can put a damper on a day’s plan more than an unexpected rainfall. In a time where we are more and more dependent on technology, it is good to have activities to do with kids that don't involve putting in a video game or turning on Netflix. Here are a couple websites with some easy ideas that can break up that long day in house for both you and your children.

     Babble.com has a list of 18 Rainy Day Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy, compiled by Gabrielle Blair. There are a lot of great ideas on this list for kids of all ages. One idea that I found especially interesting was #13 Making Homemade Bouncy Balls. There's a simple recipe for making super-bouncy balls from scratch!

     Anna Fader, writing for MommyPoppins.com, gives us a list of 50 indoor activities for a rainy day. There are a lot of ideas on this list! If you didn't find something to do from the first list, Mommy Poppins is sure to have something for you. These were two of my favorites:

  •  #13 Write letters (on actual paper with actual pens and pencils) to out-of-town relatives or friends.
  • #39 Make your own granola bars (recipe included!).

     Hopefully those lists give you enough inspiration to not just survive the next rainy day, but have a lot of fun with your family! You could just binge-watch a few Disney movies on Netflix, but wouldn't you rather create lasting memories with your kids? Let us know if you have any special rainy day traditions, and help us learn from you!