3 Questions Every Parent Needs to Answer Before Choosing Summer Child Care


     That means three months away from school, free from homework, projects, and parent-teacher conferences. But it also means different routines, crazy schedules, and figuring out what your kids will do for three whole months!

     There are a lot of options out there for summer child care - park districts, day care services, summer camps, sports camps, college for kids, and even a stay-at-home babysitter. All of these have their pros and cons, so how do you choose between them? Here’s the three most important questions every parent needs to answer before choosing summer child care.

1. Will my child have fun?

     It might seem obvious, but fun is important! Find somewhere that your child will enjoy spending their summer. It should make your kid jump out of bed in the morning. If your son or daughter comes home complaining about how bored they were that day, you’ll have a headache that lasts until school starts again

     Fun is important to your child’s development. Fun helps your child grow socially by breaking down barriers to building relationships and making friends. At Camp of Champions USA, we’ve seen firsthand that kids who have fun together can develop close friendships. Fun also helps your child grow physically. Activities like playing games and making crafts help your child to develop their coordination and skills. Fun is also important in helping your child develop emotionally. Playing fair, learning to abide by the rules, and interacting with other kids develops empathy, self-awareness, and compassion for others. Fun is so much more than simply having a good time...

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