Easter is Your Turning Point

     Easter always reminds me of when I first became a Christian and accepted God into my life. I was in high school, and I remember sitting down with my youth leader as he explained the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. Each year, I leave the Easter service at my church with a new attitude, on fire for God, and wanting to make my relationship with God even better.

     Easter is a great day for all Christians. It’s a reminder of the amazing work Jesus Christ did for us by defeating death, rising from the grave, and conquering sin for all who believe in Him. Here in Central Illinois, Easter is a typically a holiday where we go to church with our family and hear a message that remind us about the work that Jesus did for all of us.

     While getting this spiritual high from a great Easter service and message is wonderful, what happens when that emotional connection fades? There has to be ongoing follow up to keep your relationship with God strong, just like any other relationship in your life. If you want a relationship with a friend to stay strong, you need to spend time with them. If you don’t intentionally make time to be with them, the relationship fizzles out. If we want to be close to God, we must actively spend time with Him like we do a close friend or family member - more than just once a week for a couple hours. One of the best ways to spend time with God is by diving into the Bible, learning as much as we can about him, and seeing the greatness of his character. By spending time with God daily, we begin to notice God’s love and importance in everyday things.

    I hope and pray that Easter reminded you of the great work that Jesus did for all people. Make this Easter a turning point in your relationship with God. May your love for God be transformed from an emotional reaction to an inspiring message to a real longing to connect with the God that forgave your sins and loves you dearly. Invite your spouse, your kids, and your loved ones to join you in spending time with God. It’s always better to grow together.