Help Set Your Kids Up for Financial Success

     Student loans are an enormous problem. The national student debt is now over $1.2 trillion (yes, trillion. With a "t"). Like most recent college graduates, I'm working to pay off my loans as quickly as possible. I've picked up a part time job to put more money towards my debt, and often my work day lasts from 7:30am to 10:30pm. I'm sure that working multiple jobs is a familiar way of life for many of you. The added work can be very stressful for both you as a parent and for your children. What if you could set your kids up for financial success? What if they didn't have to work a 2nd job when they get older?

     Best selling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dave Ramsey has helped many people get out of debt and experience financial peace. Chris Brown, another member of the Ramsey Solutions family, wrote a insightful article on helping your kids avoid common money mistakes. Chris offers financial wisdom for parents with kids of any age with practical tips you can put into practice right now.

It starts at home. The Bible says that parents should “train up a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6), but many simply don’t feel equipped to teach their kids about money matters.

Check out "9 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money."

     How do you teach your kids about money? What practical ways have you taught your kids how to manage their finances? Nobody does this perfectly, so it's ok to admit you're still learning. Leave a comment, and help us to learn from you!