Getting Mad In The Car Might Not Be So Bad After All

     You're in the car with your family. You've been driving for who know how long. The mile markers whiz by like tall blades of grass as you stare blankly through the windshield. Your mind. is. blank. **BRAKE LIGHTS** **Stomp on brake pedal** **Swerve to avoid car** Where did they come from?! Didn't they see me?! How could they cut me off like that?! Where did they learn to drive?! 

     The kids are a little flustered, but everyone's all right. The mood calms down again. But your patience is about to be tested even more. Softly from the back seat, you hear the dreaded question.

"Are we there yet?"

     Normally, you might get frustrated at this, but it would be better if you got mad. No, I'm not talking about yelling at your kids, I'm talking about Mad Libs.


Mad Lib Stories

     You remember Mad Libs, right? You fill in the blanks and a totally random, hilarious story is written out of thin air. Here's one that I did just now:

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How Do I Tell a Mad Lib Story?

     Erik Wolgemuth knows how hard it is to entertain our kids. He suggests that we tell “mad lib” stories as a way to keep their attention and involve them in the storytelling process. This technique of storytelling takes some of the pressure off of the storyteller (a.k.a. Mom & Dad) and gives the kids the chance to interact and insert funny words. It can also help to strengthen their vocabulary and grammar skills. Mad Lib storytelling is an easy, laid back family activity that will have everyone laughing on those long car rides. Check out his post titled, The [noun] that Dad Told was [adjective]: Mad Lib Storytelling on


What If I'm Not a Good Storyteller?

     If you struggle with thinking of creative storylines, don’t worry! There’s an app for that! You can download the free “Mad Libs” app on the App Store or Google Play. I love this app. All you need to do is fill in the blanks with the nouns, adjectives, or adverbs, and Mad Libs spits out a hilarious story that (usually) doesn’t make any sense. Kids of all ages can participate in thinking of crazy words to add to the story. Mad Lib stories might just become your new favorite road trip game!

     Next time you're in the car with your family, try getting Mad instead of getting angry!