Web Catch of the Week: Kids in the Kitchen

     In our last two posts ("Make 2016 Count" Part 1 & Part 2), we’ve been exploring ways to have our best year yet. I can imagine one of your goals for the year may have something to do with physical health. An important factor in staying healthy and making sure our kids learn healthy habits is watching what we eat. I know from personal experience that I can go to the gym every night of the week, but if I'm not maintaining a healthy diet, exercise seems pointless. When we consider our children’s eating habits, the decisions we make today could impact them for a lifetime.

     One way to model healthy eating habits for your kids is to get in the kitchen together! This may sound daunting or even dreadful for busy parents, but a mom named Kelly has offered some great tips for "cultivating little sous chefs" on her blog The Nourishing Home. She reminds us that yes, the kitchen may end up messier and the cooking process will most likely take longer in the beginning, but there are so many educational and practical skills that your kids can learn from helping prepare a meal. You can help diversify their taste buds, and with a little patience, strengthen your relationship as well. Hey, you may even end up with someone to make you dinner!

     If you’re worried about finding the time to cook with your kids, a good starting point may be to try and make a healthy breakfast on Saturday morning with the whole family. Here is a delicious recipe for homemade granola from Pass The Knife, a home-based blog solely focused on bringing kids into the kitchen. 

     Is cooking a family affair for you? Tell us some ways you integrate your children into the cooking process, share a favorite family recipe, or feel free to ask meal-prep questions by leaving a comment!