Fall Frenzy 2015

     In many ways, the fact that we've all made it this far into the school year is quite remarkable. The amount of change that happens in a family between mid-August and the end of September can be staggering - new schools, new schedules, and new friends. Just as we think we've got the hang of this new routine, Columbus Day sneaks up on us. Columbus Day is one of those holidays that's easy to forget about, and it's also a day that's difficult to find someone to watch your kids while they're off of school. Don't worry! COCUSA has your back.

     On Columbus Day, October 12, we will be holding our annual Fall Frenzy. We have a fun day planned that's packed with all of the activities and games that kids loved from summer camp. We're excited about connecting with all of you, and we hope that your kids will look forward to seeing their Camp friends and summer staff. We're even more excited to teach kids from the Bible and remind them of the importance of Jesus!  

     Fall Frenzy runs during normal Camp hours from 7:30am-5:30pm (our program runs 9am-4pm). We have three COCUSA locations to choose from: East Peoria Camp, Pekin Camp, and the Peoria Christian Center. We'll have a cookout at lunch time, but feel free to send a sack lunch with your kids if they're a picky eater. 


register for Fall Frenzy online by clicking the button below. 


If you're a pen-and-paper kind of person, you can download and print off the paper registration form here. Just make sure to fill out a separate form for each camper.

     If you have a friend, coworker, or family member who needs childcare on Columbus Day, share this post with them by emailing the link or using the Share button below to spread the word on your social media networks. We can't wait to see you at Fall Frenzy!