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Our Mission

     The founders of Camp of Champions USA believed it was important for children and families in Central Illinois to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Their vision led them to start a Christian summer day camp for grade-school children. In the summer of 1995, COCUSA began with 25 kids per week at one location in Pekin, Illinois. Today, Camp of Champions USA operates eight locations, serving around 350 children each week in the communities of East Peoria, Eureka, Morton, Germantown Hills, Pekin, and Peoria.

Even though COCUSA has seen some dramatic changes since our first summer, our mission remains the same:

To win children and their families to Christ, to guide them in experiences and habits that will develop a maturity of faith in Christ, and to give staff and volunteers the opportunity to serve and develop their leadership abilities and spiritual gifts.


In order to accomplish this mission, we stay committed to these three values:

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Safe & Quality Childcare

Fun for Campers and Staff


Camp's Journey

  • 1995- First summer, Pekin Camp Begins
  • 1996- First Peoria Camp Begins
  • 1998- Pekin Property Purchased, Official Incorporation
  • 1999- First Full-Time Staff Hired
  • 2001- East Peoria Camp Begins
  • 2002- Second Full-Time Staff Hired
  • 2004- Eureka Camp Begins, Third Full-Time Staff Hired
  • 2008- 2nd Peoria Camp Begins, Fourth Full-Time Staff Hired
  • 2009- Morton Camp Beings, New Pekin Facility Completed
  • 2013- Fifth Full-Time Staff Hired
  • 2014- 3rd Peoria Camp Begins
  • 2015- Germantown Hills Camp Begins



Two Decades of Summer Camp

Taken from the presentation at the 2014 COCUSA Chili Suppers, Brad Habegger (Camp's former Executive Director) explains how God has been working throughout the history of Camp of Champions USA.


Peter "Pheaney" Lindell 

Executive Director

     "Pheaney" grew up in Central Illinois and worked at Camp as a summer staff member from 2000 to 2003. After graduating from college in 2004, he joined the COCUSA staff in a full-time role. He enjoys Camp because it is always changing. This brings new challenges and opportunities every day.

     Pheaney and his wife, Brittany, met at COCUSA in 2000 and were married in 2004. Today they live in Pekin where Brittany is a full-time stay-at-home mom. She homeschools and cares for their six children: Jackson, Adrian, Espen, Kelton, Coryn, and Selah. Pheaney fully realizes that with six kids, Brittany works way harder than he does!
     Pheaney enjoys spending time with family and brainstorming new and better ways to make disciples. He also enjoys watching football, writing and thinking (just not too hard). If you want to know more about what goes on inside his brain, check out

Kyle Hill

Regional Director

     Kyle began working at COCUSA in 2007 as a Junior Counselor. Throughout his high school and college years, Kyle continued to serve at Camp in a variety of roles - from JC to Site Director to intern. Now as Regional Director, he leads multiple COCUSA locations during the summer. Kyle oversees Camp's marketing, graphic design, and web presence, and he also takes the lead on recruiting, hiring, and training all of Camp's summer staff members.

     Kyle and his wife, Carly both grew up in Morton, IL - the pumpkin capital of the world. After working at COCUSA together for one summer, they began dating during their junior year of high school. Kyle graduated from Morton High School in 2009, and then from Lincoln Christian University in 2013 where he studied Youth Ministry and Preaching. Through his experience at Camp and in youth ministry, God has been preparing him to make disciples of children and students of all ages. 

     Kyle often summarizes his life in four short words, “Jesus, family, music, coffee.” Kyle and Carly were married on New Years Eve 2011, and now have two sons. Music has always been a large part of Kyle’s life, from playing in various bands to leading worship at churches. Kyle has a love for specialty coffee, and works part-time as the Coffee Roaster for Zion Coffee Co in Peoria. Follow him on Instagram, or sign up for his monthly email updates from Camp.