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     As a Counselor, you'll lead a group of 10-15 campers in all the different aspects of our summer camp program. With the support of your Junior Counselor, you'll set a positive example for the campers and build quality relationships with each one in your group. On any given day, you might lead a Bible study, organize a game of tag, perform a crazy skit, swim at a water park, or prove your grit in a game of dodgeball. To apply as a Counselor, you must have completed at least your junior year of high school, love Jesus, display genuine leadership skills, and have a healthy appreciation for pizza bagels.


Junior Counselor

     As a Junior Counselor (or "JC" as we like to say), you will assist a Counselor in leading your group of 10-15 campers. While Counselors take the bulk of the responsibility in leading a group, JCs assist their Counselors and help Camp run smoothly. You'll set a positive example for the campers in your group and build quality relationships with each of them. You should be humble enough to take on tasks like escorting kids to the drinking fountain, yet confident enough to initiate conversations with them about Jesus. To apply as a Junior Counselor, you must have completed at least your freshman year of high school. Great Junior Counselors serve others without being asked, love Jesus, laugh at themselves on a regular basis, and moonwalk everywhere they go (well, not really, but we'd love to see it!).


Site Director

     As a Site Director, you'll lead all the campers and staff at one of our Camp locations. You and your Co-Site Director share the responsibilities of managing the day-to-day program at Camp. You'll lead Counselors and Junior Counselors as they disciple their campers. You'll also lead the all-camp activities, build relationships with campers' parents, and be the point person on any off-site trips we take. To apply as a Site Director, you must have completed at least 1 year of college (or equivalent), have experience in leading others, love Jesus, and speak fluent emoji 😉.


Other Positions

     Making summer camp awesome across all of our locations requires a few specialized, single positions. Each of these positions has their own qualifications and responsibilities. If you're interested in any of these single positions, send us an email for more info.

  • Lifeguard @ Pekin Camp
  • Communications Director
  • Camp Aide Director (Junior High Volunteers)