Counselors in training

For current 7th & 8th Grade Students

The Counselors in Training program (formerly the “Camp Aide" Program) has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Our new program will serve your family better:

  • More consistency with scheduling your junior high student

  • More impactful leadership and discipleship opportunities at Camp

  • More on-the-go training (and no mandatory pre-summer training)


Notes about the program

  1. The Counselors in Training (CIT) Program is available for the entire duration of the COCUSA summer camp program. However, there are limited spots available at each location, and registration may close when all spots are filled.

  2. Registration for the CIT program requires a written application and personal references to be submitted by the student. The application and references will be reviewed be the COCUSA staff prior to acceptance into the program.

  3. The CIT Program is designed to give your junior high school student an introduction to the leadership and discipleship experiences required to serve on the COCUSA Summer Staff team. As such, we hold all participants in the CIT program to a high standard of character, work ethic, and behavior. Repeated instances of violating COCUSA rules and policies may result in dismissal from the program.



Please contact us if you’re interested in the CIT program for your junior high student and would like more information regarding our program.