What Others Say

Here's what other parents are saying about Camp of Champions USA...

About Our Staff:

  • "I'm so amazed and thankful for all the volunteers who have sacrificed their time and effort and whole summer for the kids. They all seem so attentive and caring and devoted to being a good influence and sowing good seeds into the lives and future of the children. They are a huge blessing to the children and their families."
  • "Thanks for caring for my children. Your staff made my children feel safe and happy. I was able to focus on work without any worries."
  • "It’s great to see Counselors who are energetic and happy to greet the children. The kids love getting that “good morning” hug or high-five. The crafts, games, and songs done by some of the staff are so creative! The staff is what makes COCUSA so great."
  • "The camp counselors were fantastic. They were very caring, supportive, and mature."
  • "The staff are EXCELLENT!! The managers and leaders seem very in sync with each other and with the children. I don't think I saw a single unhappy person all summer! The facility and grounds were always very clean."


About Our Program:

  • "I think my daughter has really learned how to be a part of a group, and how to help and encourage others."
  • "I really enjoyed seeing my daughter coming home everyday with a smile on her face because of either something she learned or received from her new friends at camp. My child has improved her relationship with God and scripture reading and memory verses and her physical appearance."
  • "It's a great feeling to know that while I am away at work my child is having a blast in a Christian-based program."
  • "I love the fact that you allow kids to be kids and still teach them rules."
  • "COCUSA does an excellent job of getting kids excited about God. COCUSA also has an awesome, affordable summer agenda that helps to keep the kids and parents interested."
  • "I'm very pleased with the entire program. I think you do an outstanding job planning a variety of activities that meet the needs of all ages. And it is all done in a loving Christian environment."